Translice Volume 7
Professional Transitions For FCPX

Translice Volume 7 is another fantastic transition tool for FCPX users allowing easy & effective transition styles to be applied in seconds. Whether the users skill set is advanced, or entry level, these transitions are simple yet intuitive. With up to four frames, and inlcuded keyframe-less animations, Translice Volume 7 brings a fresh and creative take on transition styles suitable for any pictures or video shots.

User Customizable Transition Styles
Translice Volume 7 comes packaged with over 50 style presets. With one two, three, and four frame styles with multiple animation presets, the options are endless. These transitions even allow for user customization with selectable animation points, allowing more control over which portion of the screen is revealed in each transition.

Tint, Scale, And Border Options
Translice Volume 7 includes other customization options from border color and size, along with drop zone tint and blend options, giving FCPX users even more creative freedom without the task of animating.

Drag & Drop Transitions
Translice Volume 7 consists of simple drag & drop transition styles in FCPX. Simply drag the desired transition and apply it between clips. Stretch or shrink it on the timeline to adjust the transition to the wanted length. Its that simple to apply any style to the users project.

Designed For FCPX
Translice Volume 7 was designed for as a transition pack for FCPX. With on-screen placement controls, and customization options within the inspector window, Translice Volume 7 is a fresh addition to any FCPX tool library.

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