TranSlice: Slide
Split Screen Transitions for FCPX

TranSlice: Slide is a package of 30 screen splitting transitions presets made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. With TranSlice: Slide, insert up to three texts in between clips. Easily manipulate the contrast between text and media by using intutive blur & tint controls that can be found in the top-right inspector window. Using TranSlice presets is simple. Drag and drop a preset in between two video clips, adjust the duration, and TranSlice: Slide will do the rest.

TranSlice: Slide features 30 screen splitting transitions with customizable features. With TranSlice: Slide, users can showcase multiple images, text, videos between clips with absolute ease. Drag and drop bisect, trisect, or quadsect transitions between two clips to seamlessly move from one scene to the next.

Drag & Drop Ease
Using TranSlice is easy in Final Cut Pro X. Drag a TranSlice preset between two clips in the Final Cut Pro X timeline. Stretch the end of the transitions to extend the duration of the transition. Next, click on the transition add personal media into the designated drop zone areas. TranSlice will do the rest.

Final Cut Pro X Exclusive
TranSlice: Slide is made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. Utilize bisects, trisects, and quadsects with various layouts that instantly creates an screen splitting effect for any video production. Slide in text, add personal media, and adjust the media below using intuitive controls, all within FCPX.

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