ProTrailer Sci Fi
Professional Trailer Titles For FCPX

Pixel Film Studios brings FCPX users a brand new and exciting set of Sci Fi Trailer title tools with ProTrailer Sci Fi. FCPX film makers can now creat epic intergalactic 3D title intros, with lens flare overlays, and composited effects for immersive title-openers. ProTrailer Sci Fi includes 30 highly-detailed presets to start from, allowing users to wow each viewer from the start of each film.

30 Highly-Detailed Presets
ProTrailer Sci Fi gives users 30 new tool presets to begin the editing process. Each preset has checkable environments and effects, allowing users to use the pre-made environments, or use their own footage or images. From Post-Apocalyptic tales, to epic quests across the galaxy, each style is represented.

Includes On-Screen Flare Controls
Each preset gives users all the creative controls they could possibly want. On-Screen controls allow users to place their lens flares where desired, and full effect color controls are located within the inspector. The user can change the hue, flare artifact type, lighting style, and more.

Keyframe-less animations
With ProTrailer Sci Fi, all the text animations are already done for the user, just select the style, spread, and duration. Titles and subtitles can fly by, bounce by, jiggle, and rotate with just a few simple selections. Depth of field is included for added realism.

Designed for FCPX
ProTrailer Sci Fi is an all new pack of fully-customizable FCPX Generators. With Custome duration controls, users control the speed of the selected animations. Setting up trailer openers has never been easier. Utilizing all of the built-in 3D text controls, while implementing new effects like lens flares and camera focus features, professional Sci-Fi themed titles are just a few mouse clicks away.

*Designed For FCPX Version 10.2.1 or newer

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