ProIntro: Wedding Vol. 2
Professional Introductions for Final Cut Pro X

ProIntro: Wedding Vol. 2 is a set of 30 elegant title presets created for use in Final Cut Pro X. Utilize ProIntro Wedding’s beautiful designs for “Save the Date” invitations, wedding videos, and other elegant video productions. ProIntro Wedding is self-animating, renders quickly, and is extremely easy to use in Final Cut Pro X. Best of all, ProIntro Wedding customization options allows users to tweak presets in FCPX with intuitive controls.

30 Elegant Designs
ProIntro Wedding features curvacious designs that elegantly draw in as if a pen was in motion. Choose from thirty simplistic wedding titles to introduce or conclude wedding invtation productions. Allow Pixel Film Studios self-animating designs to add a touch of beauty to any wedding production.

Intuitive Customization
ProIntro Wedding: Vol. 2 presets are extremely easy to use and highly functional. Effortlessly position, rotate, and scale titles using intuitive on-screen controls within Final Cut Pro X. Utilize sliders that are located in the top-right inspector window to manipulate spread, length, and thickness of title elements. To stylize text, simple toggle on the “Editable” checkbox.

Background Controls
ProIntro: Wedding Vol. 2 allows users to tint the media below ProIntro presets using a simplistic color wheel. Additionally, blur controls are provided to allow editors to achieve greater contrast between title elements and the scene below. Create a frosted glass look by simply increasing the blur slider and applying a white background tint.

Final Cut Pro X Exclusive
ProIntro: Wedding Vol. 2 is made exclusively for use in Final Cut Pro X. Easily manipulate these beautifully self-animating titles using on-screen controls and parameter controls found within the FCPX inspector window. Apply ProIntro Wedding with drag and drop ease to add a pinch of keyframeless elegance to any wedding video production.

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