TranSlice: Perspective – Sliding Split Screen Transition for Final Cut Pro X – Pixel Film Studios

TranSlice: Perspective from Pixel Film Studios brings back split screen transitions with a new style. TranSlice: Perspective allows Final Cut Pro X users to transition from clip to clip using sliding and twisting panels to reveal their next screen. With over 60 customizable presets, users can create endless animated transitions without ever having to set a keyframe in FCPX.

TranSlice: Perspective requires FCPX version 10.1.4 or newer.

Sliding Panel Transitions
TranSlice Perspective brings back the split screen transition back with another unique style. Final Cut Pro X users can now transition from one screen to the next with sliding and twisitng panels.

Over 60 Split Screen Presets
TranSlice Perspective gives FCPX users over 60 customizable animation presets to make each transition unique. With every panel orientation and direction covered, no transition will look like the next!

Users can even compound their transition and apply another one on top of it to create even more unique looks.

Customize Your TranSlice
With easy-to-use controls found in the FCPX Inspector window, editors can quickly customize their TranSlice transitions to fit any scene. Users can control the border color, and width.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X
Designed for Final Cut Pro X, users can simply drag and drop the transition they want between two of their film’s clips, and then adjust the look. Editors can instantly give their film the style it needs with just a few clicks of a mouse!

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