The New Year
Holiday Theme Package for Final Cut Pro X

The New Year is a holiday theme package made for Final Cut Pro X by Pixel Film Studios. Display stylized drop zones in front of a fireworks celebration by choosing from a variety of camera and drop zone animation types to reveal any footage. The New Year’s camera can be manipulated endlessly using the controls located in the inspector window. Zoom, Dolly, Sweep, Pan, Boom and more using intuitive controls or choose from one of several preset camera animations. This package contains a stunning 3D Holiday environment including pre-made camera shots, a title introduction, 2 lower thirds, 2 overlays, a background key and 3 amazing transitions.

Stunning Holiday Scenes
The New Year’s scene presets are set within a fully customizable 3D environment. The New Year’s animating background design can be altered using a drop-down menu and color controls. Additionally, users can use a drop zone as the background in place of blended colors. Using holiday themes is as easy as dragging a desired base animation into the fcpx timeline and changing the movement of the camera, the style of the scene, applying media in the drop zones and changing the text.

Comes with Title Elements
The New Year features a title introduction and two lower thirds that animate from left and right. Lower thirds are self-animating and can be used to introduce people, settings and more while the title introduction is a wonderful opener for any final cut project. Title introductions can be placed on top of footage and blended to create even more interesting looks.

Background Key & Overlays
Add further style using The New Year’s beautiful firework background key and a slew of stylized overlays for the holidays. The self-animating background key is perfect as a backdrop for placing under text and keyed images. Set a unique mood using animating fireworks that include various customizable controls. The New Year’s stylizing overlays allows users to add colored blends, falling confetti and foreground fireworks over media as an adjustment layer so that users can create beautifully cohesive scenes.

Beautiful Holiday Transitions
The New Year also comes packed with 3 awesome holiday transitions. Stylistically wipe from one scene to the next using The New Year’s confetti emitting transition, or opt for The New Year’s firework transition that fills the screen with beautiful fireworks and then reveals the next scene. Also take advantage of The New Year’s ticking clock transition to help ring in the new year.

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