30 Glamorous Designs
Complement any glamorous production with lower third styles from Pro3rd Glamour. Select from sleek lower thirds with customizable controls, to simple and enchanting designs with smooth visual effects. Pro3rd Glamour is self-animating and extremely easy to use. Simply drag, drop, and stylize, Pro3rd Glamour will do the rest.

Unique Preset Customization
Each Pro3rd Glamour preset is unique from the next. Using the parameters found in the inspector window, easily customize Pro3rd presets and stylize title elements with sliders and color wheels respectively. Control the scale, rotation, and position of Pro3rd Glamour using intuitive on-screen controls.

Drag & Drop Ease
Using Pro3rd Glamour is as easy as drag and drop. Scroll over Pro3rd presets to preview animations in the Final Cut Pro X viewer window. Select a preset and drag it above personal media in the FCPX timeline. Orient the preset using on-screen controls and stylize the text. Pro3rd Glamour will do the rest!

Designed for Final Cut Pro X
Pro3rd: Glamour was professionally designed to work seamlessly inside of Final Cut Pro X. As a title effect, each Pro3rd: Glamour preset can be dragged and dropped onto media and previewed in real time. With the published parameters found in the FCPX inspector, users have the ability to make further adjustments with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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