Media Parallax Tool for FCPX

ProParallax allows Final Cut Pro X editors to easily create parallax between pictures, text, and even video footage. Choose from generator presets with up to 5 drop zones, various camera transition durations, and unique environment particles. Using intuitive controls in FCPX, editors can keyframelessly zip around in 3D space without having to set a single keyframe. ProParallax is a FCPX exclusive plugin.

Unique ProParallax Presets
ProParallax are categorized by transition time, or the duration between each camera movement. Choose a preset with a short transition time to create a quicker scene and vice versa. Additionally, ProParallax allows FCPX users to insert shapes, dirts, stars, or even custom particles into a given scene. Any type of environment can be achieved with ProParallax’s customization options.

Keyframeless Animations
Using ProParallax is simple in Final Cut Pro X. Start by choosing a preset and inserting personal pictures or videos into the drop zones provided. Next, use position parameter controls to place pictures in desired locations. ProParallax will automatically zoom from picture to picture. For added dynamics, tweak the pan and dolly settings to create constant camera movement throughout the duration of the scene.

Realistic Depth of Field
ProParallax comes with an array of camera controls including Angle of View and Depth of Field (DOF). DOF creates a a focusing effect on the primary subject of the scene and thus naturally blurs background & foreground elements. Adjust the Angle of View will skew perspective to the extremes. Ramp up the Angle of View to increase the percieved distance between pictures and vice versa.

Custom Particle Options
Beyond the provided dirt, shape, and star presets, users can add their own custom particles into a given scene. Pick the “Custom” preset and insert any transparent image (.png) into the drop zone. Choose the number of particles, adjust the size, and even generate a new layout of particles with the click of a mouse.

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