ProIntro: Magnify contains 30 self-animating and minimalistic titles including a variety of unique designs and animations. Instantly add an elegant opening title to any Final Cut Pro X production while choosing from a range of clean design layouts. Users can manipulate the elements of their Intros by taking advantage of the on-screen-controls as well as the carefully crafted parameters found in the inspector window. ProIntro: Magnify is created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

30 Magnifying Presets
ProIntro: Magnify includes 30 diligently crafted self-animating intros for Final Cut Pro X users. Choose from a variety of styles including minimalistic elements like lines, boxes, bars and shapes. ProIntro: Magnify is extremely easy to use. Simply drag a selected preset into the FCPX timeline to make changes using the on-screen-controls and parameters in the Inspector window then watch as ProIntro: Magnify does the rest.

Clean and Minimalistic
ProIntro: Magnify designs are created with the intention of being as versatile as possible and includes 30 pleasantly simple designs that will enhance any project made in Final Cut Pro X. By utilizing ProIntro: Magnify’s intuitive parameter controls in the inspector window, users can manipulate intros into any style they wish. Designing has never been so easy.

Intuitive Controls in Final Cut Pro X
ProIntro: Magnify gives users control over the position, rotation, and scale of title elements using brilliant on-screen-controls inside of Final Cut Pro X. Utilizing the on-screen-controls, users can adjust title placement without ever having to key a single frame. Additional controls can be found in the Inspector window on the right-hand side of the viewer.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X
ProIntro: Magnify can be fully customized within Final Cut Pro X. Editable parameters can be found in the top-right inspector window and users can easily edit attributes with a couple of clicks. Change color, length, width, magnification, height, and more using sliders, dials and pop-down menus. Pixel Film Studios makes amazing easy using Final Cut Pro X.

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