ProTrailer: Cartoon Volume 2
Professional Trailers for Final Cut Pro X

ProTrailer: Cartoon Volume 2 is a new set of unique and fun self-animating generators for Final Cut Pro X. ProTrailer: Cartoon Volume 2 allows users to easily add stylistic titles to any Final Cut Pro X project. Including over 25 stylistic animations and unique environments with lighting, adding professional quality openers to any shot has never been easier. ProTrailer:Cartoon Volume 2 was designed for any skill level in mind, saving users valuable time while adding amazing openers to any project.

30 Different Cartoon Influenced Styles
ProTrailer: Cartoon Volume 2 comes pre-packaged with 30 amazing trailer presets. Users have the choice of presets including comic-styled dynamic titles, cartoon-fused bubbly styles, fun and reflective text and more. Beveled and round edge styles are also included, allowing FCPX users to completely customize each preset to match their style of project.

Design Your Own Openers
Creating teaser trailers is simple with all the ProTrailer: Cartoon controls within FCPX. Simply select the desired preset, and begin editing the text with all the built-in controls. Change the background or overlay each style on top of existing footage to completely change the mood of each opener. Add a vignette to alter the background color for the final touches.

Intuitive FCPX Controls
With just a few mouse clicks, completely change the mood of any title within ProTrailer: Cartoon Volume 2. Each preset comes with drop-down menus for keyframe-less animations, and easy-to-use sliders to adjust the timing of each movement. Adjust the background colors and soften the vignette with simple controls designed for any skill level.

Easy To Use, Self-animated Titles
ProTrailer: Cartoon Volume 2 consists of 30 different self-animating styles in FCPX. Users simply select the desired preset, and begin stylizing their title with all the built-in controls. Easy drop-down menus help users select the text animation they want to apply to their titles. Adjust the timing of each animation is as simple as just moving a slider, allowing for professional looks to be made with little-to-no effort. Camera angles can be adjusted for more dynamic and interesting looks in just seconds.

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