Text Transitions for Final Cut Pro X

TransText is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive plugin from Pixel Film Studios. With TransText, editors can animate in text and fly through any letter into the next scene. Utilize intuitive controls found in the inspector window to create an endless variations of TransText presets. Extrude text to create greater depth and even add a drop shadow for stronger contrast. Pixel Film Studios makes amazing easy in Final Cut Pro X.

Fly Through Any Letter
Frame into any letter with TransText’s intutive controls. Simply toggle on the Animation Guide and align the on-screen controls to the end location desired. TransText will seamlessly zoom into the next scene every time. For the advanced user, adjust the animation speed method to tweak TransText to perfection.

Endless Animation Options
With TransText, users can pick and choose from 30 preset text animation styles, or personalize text animations with intuitive controls found in the inspector window. Additionally, TransText allows users to customzie camera animations, and end animations to create an endless combination of TransText styles.

Stylization Options
Create 3D text transitions using the extrusion options found in the inspector window. Easily extend the extrude distance, apply a gradient, and even add a drop shadow. Using TransText is easy. Drag a TransText preset between to video clips and stylize the text and text animation options. Next select which letter to zoom into with a handy on-screen control. TransText will do the rest.

30 Animation Presets
Choose from fading, scaling, growing, rotating, and springing text styles with TransText’s 30 animation presets. Easily customize any preests to better match the scene. Animate by word, letter, and line. Alter the direction of anination from backwards, forwards, or even random. The customization options with TransText are endless.

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