TransPack: Valentines
Holiday Transition for Final Cut Pro X

TransPack: Valentine’s is a set of 30 holiday transitions featuring lovely animations. Choose beautiful transitions with heart elements and rose petals, to peeling transitions and masking effects. Seamlessly move from clip to clip without having to set a single keyframe using TransPack: Valentine’s delightful presets. TransPack: Valentine’s is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive.

30 Holiday Transitions
TransPack: Valentine’s a set of 30 beautiful holiday transition designs. Choose from transitions with heart elements, rose petals, peeling animations, and more to seamlessly transition from clip to clip. Simply drag and drop a TransPack preset between two video clips/images and TransPack will do the rest.

Customizable in Final Cut Pro X
TransPack Valentine’s 30 presets are completely customizable within Final Cut Pro X. Change the colors, orientation, scale, and rotation of heart elements with simple sliders, hue dails, and drop-down menus found in the top-right inspector window. Allow TransPack to add a lovely touch to FCPX productions.

Motion Blurred Designs
TransPack: Valentine’s comes with motion blurred presets to add an extra dash of animation magic to Final Cut Pro X video productions. Easily navigate the Transitions tab to find intuitively labeled presets. Utilize TransPack presets to move from one video snippet to the next.

Drag & Drop Simplicity
TransPack: Valentine’s is a transition package exclusive to Final Cut Pro X. Utilize intuitive parameter controls found in the FCPX inspector window located on the top-right of the screen. Using TransPack presets is simple, drag a transition between two clips and allow TransPack to do the rest. Dazzle with amazing self-animating effects.

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