Drag & Drop
With this template it’s easy to put media into the scene. Simply look toward the insector window inside Final Cut Pro X and scroll down to find the drop zone controls. Under drop zone controls double click on the drop zone, click on the desired media, then press apply.

Light Controls
The user gets the ability to change the depth and falloff of the light. With these controls the use can add a more realistic vibe to the scene. To bring lighten the scene more simply more the depth, and falloff up.

Color Controls
This theme lets the user have cool color control options over the environment. The outline of the drop zone is chrome painted with color options to decide what color the metal will be. To create a cool scene match the colors of the drop zone outlines and the environment.

Customizable in FCPX
We’ve designed this template with easy to use controls that allow the user to create a professional video easily. With on-screen controls it’s easier then ever to create a new camera angle or create any camera angle that the user wants. With easy to use color wheels the user can match the colors with the pictures inside to create a cool vibe in seconds.

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