Chromachart is a clean and intuitive theme from Pixel Film Studios designed to be completely versatile by giving the user an endless variety of customization options and can be applied to nearly any type of video, business-related or otherwise. Included in this package is an animated environment shot, one with no animation, 4 transitions and much more. Users who create their professional video using Chromachart will not be disappointed. Chromachart is made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.

Complete Versatility
Chromachart is a theme with application for business, personal advertising, fashion and more use. It’s easy to alter parameters using the Inspector window to change the style and positions giving the user an endless amount of variety.

Color Controls
Chromachart has all the controls the user could possibly need for adjusting the colors of Chromachart’s assets. Change the base color of each individual drop zone section as well as the color of dividers and background elements using simple color wheel controls.

Multiple Drop Zones
There are 4 individual drop zone groups to take advantage of using Chromachart. All four drop zones can be rotated, repositioned in 3D space and turned off if not needed. Drop zone controls in Chromachart are extensive and give the user infinite design options.

Customizable in FCPX
All parameters in Chromachart are customizable within the Inspector window inside of Final Cut Pro X. Alter reflections, positions, rotations, background elements, colors and lengths with ease. Animation in the environment shot is keyframeless and saves editing time. Use Chromachart to increase editing efficiency across the board.

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