ProRibbon: Fold
Folding Ribbons for Final Cut Pro X

ProRibbon Fold is a set of 30 self-animating ribbons that flip, flop, and fold within Final Cut Pro X. Utilize ProRibbon presets in typography videos, as a lower third, or as a simple reveal. Best of all, ProRibbon Fold is completely customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Change the color, length, width, and shadows using controls found in the inspector window. Utilize on-screen controls to scale, rotate, and position ProRibbon. Pixel Film Studios makes amazing easy in Final Cut Pro X.

Up to 8 Folds
ProRibbon Fold features ribbons with up to eight folds in Final Cut Pro X. Easily manipulate the length and width of each flap using intuitive controls that can be found in the inspector window. ProRibbon is extremely versatile. Encompass the entire screen to create a transitioning effect, create awesome typography, or utilize presets as lower thirds.

Over 30 Presets
ProRibbon Fold features over 30 presets that animate in from every which way. Create ribbons that fold up and down vertically, and ribbons that flip left and right horizontally without having to set a single keyframe. ProRibbon Fold is completely self-animating, allow users to cut editing time and expedite the video production process.

Intuitive Controls
Beyond basic length and width controls, users have the ability to customize the shadow behind each fold. Soften the shadows and manipulate the relative position of shadows using intuitive sliders in the inspector window. Additionally, Final Cut Pro X users can make use of the “Angle of View” camera control to create more dynamic flapping animations. Get creative with Pixel Film Studios plugins.

Customizable in Final Cut Pro X
ProRibbon is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive plugin. To use ProRibbon, select a preset and drag it into the FCPX timeline. Utilize easy sliders to adjust the length & height of the ribbon. Next, stylize the text and adjust tweak the shadow controls to achieve the desired look. ProRibbon Fold will automatically animate without the hassle of keyframes.

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