Professional Kinescope Effects in FCPX

Transform your media back in time with ProKinescope all within Final Cut Pro X. With ProKinescope users can choose from a range of fully customizable classic tricolor styles, two tone styles, video alteration effects, glitches, and lens frames with vignettes. Users have full control over black and white color tint, tint intensity, contrast, levels, film scratches, video shift, lens blur, posterization, pixellation, and more with a click of a mouse.

Kinescope Effects in FCPX
With ProKinescope users can select from a range of Tricolor styles, Two tones styles, and a range of effects such as fisheye, lens dirt, roll, scale randomization, static, and vignette wash. Users also have the ability to apply time adjustable title effect overlays and choose from a range of glitches and borders with vignettes. With ProKinescope users can now visually set their projects back in time and get that classic kinescope look with a click of a mouse all with in Final Cut Pro X.

Fully Customizable
With ProKinescope users can fully customize each preset with a click of a mouse. Users have full control over black and white color tint, tint intensity, saturation, hue, contrast, brightness, levels, film scratch opacity, film scratch speed, film scratch scale, 4 individual layers of film scratch complexity, video shift, lens blur, horizontal and vertical shake, shadow radius, noise amount, pixellation, posterization and much more all within Final Cut Pro X.

Infinite Possibilities
With ProKinescope users can apply an effect and then layer a title effect overlay in any place within their timeline, this gives the user full control over when and where they would like to apply a glitch or vignette. Users can alter each glitch’s noise type, noise blend, displacement, warp, shape, offset, randomization, jitter, and more. Users have total control over alterations to each effect style, glitch, vignette, and effect leaving the possibilities truly endless with a click of a mouse all within Final Cut Pro X.

Designed for FCPX
ProKinescope was professionally designed to work seamlessly inside of Final Cut Pro X. As a FCPX Effect and Title effect overlay, each ProKinescope preset can be dragged and dropped onto the users media and previewed in real time. With the published parameters found in the FCPX inspector, users have the ability to make further adjustments with just a few clicks of a mouse.

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