ProText: Kinetic
Keyframeless Text Animations for FCPX

ProText Kinetic is a typography creation tool made for use in Final Cut Pro X. With ProText Kinetic, users can create energetic text animations in any layout without the use of keyframes. Using ProText Kinetic is simple. Drag a preset into the Final Cut Pro X timeline and stylize the text. With intuitive on-screen controls, reposition and scale the text. ProText Kinetic will do the rest.

Self-Animating Typography Tool
ProText Kinetic is a text animation tool that allows Final Cut Pro X users to creatively display text without having to use keyframes. With this volume of ProText, users can easily twist, turn, and split text using intuitive on-screen controls. ProText Kinetic makes advanced typography creation as simple as drag and drop.

Create Any Layout
Create any layout with ProText presets. ProText Kinetic allows users unmask text from any side and at any angle. Additionally, ProText presets may be scale to any proportion to match the scene properly. Utilize easy on-screen controls to get the desired look. Get creative with this amazing edition from the ProText series.

Infinite Possibilities
Using ProText: Kinetic is as easy. Drag a ProText preset into the Final Cut Pro X timeline and stylize the text. Next, insert a ProText preset on top of the first preset and stagger it in time. ProText Kinetic will instantly bring the scene to life. Create any layout and stack ProText presets infinitely.

Advanced Controls in FCPX
ProText Kinetic is ready for use, however users can find advanced controls in the top-right inspector window. Included is the ability adjust the speed method for both text animations and the adjustment layer below. Additionally, ProText Kinetic allows users to animate text by the word, letter, or line. Create amazing typography with Pixel Film Studios ProText series.

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