Pro3rd: Wedding
Elegant Lower Thirds for Final Cut Pro X

Pro3rd: Wedding is a package of elegant lower thirds designed for use in Final Cut Pro X. Each Pro3rd preset features its own unique animation and customization options. Easily manipulate colors, length, and overall scale using intuitive controls found in the top-right inspector window. Pro3rd: Wedding complements any wedding or serene video productions. Pixel Film Studios makes amazing easy in FCPX.

30 Beautiful Designs
Complement any elegant video styles with Pro3rd Wedding’s beautiful presets. Choose from minimalistic lower thirds with soft blur controls, to designs with curvacious accents. Pro3rd is self-animating and extremely easy to use. Simply drag, drop, and stylize, Pro3rd will do the rest.

Unique Preset Customization
Each Pro3rd Wedding presets is unique from the next. Using the parameters found in the inspector window, easily lengthen Pro3rd presets and stylize title elements with sliders and color wheels respectively. Control the scale, rotation, and position of Pro3rd Wedding using intuitive on-screen controls.

Drag & Drop Ease
Using Pro3rd Wedding is as easy as drag and drop. Scroll over Pro3rd presets to preview animations in the Final Cut Pro X viewer window. Select a preset and drag it above personal media in the FCPX timeline. Orient the preset using on-screen controls and stylize the text. Pro3rd Wedding will do the rest!

Customizable in Final Cut Pro X
Pro3rd Wedding is completely customizable in Final Cut Pro X. Find adjustable parameters in the form of checkboxes, color wheels, and sliders, in the top-right inspector window. Easily manipulate the length of each lower third without distorting title elements. Pixel Film Studios makes amazing easy in FCPX.

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