CORPORATE RECTANGLE is a professional theme made for Final Cut Pro X. CORPORATE RECTANGLE includes 48 camera presets, a text and title screen, 4 transitions, 2 lower thirds and more. CORPORATE RECTANGLE is simple to use and great for business or personal use. Sit back and let CORPORATE RECTANGLE simplify your editing experience. CORPORATE RECTANGLE is made for use exclusively in Final Cut Pro X.

Change the color in CORPORATE RECTANGLE using simple Hue and Color Wheels to match your company’s color scheme or the mood of your personal video.

CORPORATE RECTANGLE includes 48 different camera movement presets. Camera Booms, Dollys, Slides and Swipes come in several different varieties to ensure you get the right camera angle without having to do tedious keyframing.

The Drop Zones in CORPORATE RECTANGLE are compatible with all types of photo and video media. Just drag in the media you want to use and apply to the selected Drop Zone.

CORPORATE RECTANGLE is clean and keyframeless. Customize colors and replications using simple, clean controls and your professional video will be ready in no time.

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