Take in the environment and show your audience the upscale city lifestyle! With the Penthouse Theme from Pixel Film Studios™, you can immerse your audience in the living room of their dreams to compliment any style of film! With multiple dropzones, tranitions, and title sequences, the Penthouse Theme for FCPX is sure to satisfy any film maker!

Modern Living

Take your audience into the ultimate urban loft to impress the masses. Experience the upper class lifestyle with these surroundings as your present your film to your viewers. Customizable with color settings and depth of field to really draw in realism.

Multiple Dropzones

The Penthouse theme for FCPX includes multiple dropzones, titles, and transitions to enahnce your films presentation. Different angles will help present your clips in ways you never thought possible! Works simply within FCPX.

Includes Transitions

The Penthouse theme includes transitions for making your film style flow from shot to shot. Simply drag and drop a transition between two clips on the FCPX timline and adjust the length!

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

The Penthouse theme was designed specifically for customization and control all within Final Cut Pro X. Choose one of the theme elements in FCPX and control your film’s look feel, and color without opening any other 3D software!

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