PROTEASER™ is back with SciFi and Action Thrillers. Get ready to take your audience to another dimension with 6 new teaser trailers for Final Cut Pro X. Hype up your next film with PROTEASER Volume 13 from Pixel Film Studios™. Take your audience into a world of Extreme Sports, Holiday Joy, or Epic Action with the click of a mouse.

A standard weekend of inebriation and substance abuse takes a wild turn when Jay and Steez decide to go raving at a laser show. Prepare your eyes for contrast.

Customize your next FCPX project trailer with Laser Show’s high-octane background presets. Allow your project to be stunningly bold with endless color options for your texts and backdrops.

A curious snowman explores life beyond the fridged North Pole and discovers his true calling. A story of adventure, wanderlust, and self-discovery.

Create a plethora of seasonal text and background styles in Final Cut Pro X for your next film project using Season Greetings. Customize your text colors, gradients, and shine intensity.

Berry comes out of retirement when a gang of rough riding durians fruitnaps his wife and kids. Barry dusts off his samurai blade and sniffs them out.

Determine which camera angle fits best with Fruit Ninja’s dynamic slice effect in your next FCPX film design. With 13 camera presets, you can slice and dice as you please.

A chocolate fundraiser erupts into a five-day food fight. Clothes are browned and palletes are made numb in the sweetest food fight ever. Quite literally.

Create the perfect ambiance in your next Final Cut Pro X project using Fudged Match’s vast selection of light controls that range misty or with high contrast.

People are disspearing at an alarming rate and nobody seems to know the why. A Miami detective starts digging and discovers a disturbing secret.

The Abduction offers an array of dazzling presets that will add an astonishment factor to your next Final Cut Pro X project.

The tyrannical King Sven hosts a cruel tournament on the edge of Jupiter. A hero rises from the slums of post-apocolyptical Earth as the universe’s last hope.

Bring new excitement to your trailers with 8 electric presets. Spiff up your FCPX film project with PROTEASER™ Volume 13 from Pixel Film Studios™.

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