With 50 new text animations to choose from, prepare to create even more professional text titles in Final Cut Pro X with PROTEXT™ Volume 2 from Pixel Film Studios™. This library of text animations allows you to move and replicate your text in a 3D environment or send your text into the center of a kaleidoscope, all inside FCPX.

50 New Text Animations

Choose from over 50 new text effect presets with PROTEXT™ Volume 2 from Pixel Film Studios™. This collection includes everything from 3D text enviroments, to color fading text, and much much more. With PROTEXT™ Volume 2 you can create an artistic title that will match the look and feel of your next Final Cut Pro X project.

Kaleidoscope Text Effects

Turn your text into a groovy fractal pattern with one of the Kaleidoscope text effects included in PROTEXT™ Volume 2. You can use the on-screen controls to control the angle of the fractals, and then change the camera position and depth of field with the parameters in the FCPX Inspector.

3D Text Environments

Create 3D text environments in Final Cut Pro X with PROTEXT™ Volume 2. By replicating your text along 3 different axis and controlling the depth of field, you can create a deep, 3D world of text in Final Cut Pro X.

On-Screen Controls

Take control of your text animations in the click of a button! Change the look and feel of your title animation with the on-screen controls in the FCPX viewer. With PROTEXT™ Volume 2, you can control the position, character start point and filter rotation all inside the viewer window.

Designed for Final Cut Pro X

PROTEXT™ Volume 2 was designed by the team at Pixel Film Studios to work with ease inside Final Cut Pro X. Users can select the text animations they like, and adjust the length until it matches the mood and style of their film. Even change the origin points to make your title style seamlessly different.

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