The Rock N Roll After Effects project has been made so that its hopefully Simple for all abilities and Skill Levels although a Basic knowledge of After Effects is a bonus

All you need to do is Drop in your Videos / Stills & Render away in as little time as possible

EDITABLE PROPERTIES: Media content (Your Videos / Stills ) & Text.
CAN NOT EDIT: Movement of the camera (3D Software Prerender)

With the Background Pre-Rendered Your Renders should be Much Faster and you get Real 3D Shapes that After Effects cant do alone)

Please Note
This Project does not have the Preview Videos (All Replaced by a Place Holder) /  Sound FX or Music as in the Preview.

Music for the RockNRoll preview is Prog Metal 1 By: dron

1 Project Master (Master Render Me)
Size: 1920 x 1080 HD .. 29.97fps … 45 Secs Duration

32 Picture Holders and 4 Text with 5 Sticker Text to Change to Your requirements

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