Super 35 Collection Real Projections, a rather ambitious collection, had to be broken up into two massive parts, Super8mm & 35mm. Here is part 2 of the sub-series, Super35.

SUPER 35 REAL Projections is volume 4 in the LightWorx Collection Series. Filmed with the Epic Red 5K & Anamorphic Lenses, the collection of Light Mattes offers a beautiful and rich texture that only classic cinemascope can provide.

Along the new edition of abstract light mattes in the new LightWorx Pack, designers & editors can enjoy the a collection of professionally filmed stock footage of various dirty and grimy Super 35 Projections, projector gears & Super 35 film reels.

The enormous 3K size offers freedom to design, composite or animate. And better yet, the files have been transferred at a rate that will render fast and not eat up your system’s memory. Everything you need to give your project that classic film look. This is The ULTIMATE FILM DESIGN COLLECTION !



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