An armchair ride through our solar system, to the classical music overtures of the Zephyr Quartet.
Many hours of work went into this piece…. like it? The Tip jar is below and contributions are much appreciated!
I put this compliation together using After effects, Element 3d, some NASA models, Trapcode suite and a lot of time waiting for renders. The beautiful music is from the Zephyr Quartet’s album ‘Esque’ with my sister Belinda Gehlert on violin, Emily Tulloch – violin, Jason Thomas – Viola and Hilary Kleinig playing Cello.
Play it on your big screen tv in HD, crank up the music on your surround sound system and enjoy!
I learned a lot about after effects and our solar system by producing this short film, amazing stuff the universe!
Shane Gehlert’s surreal artworks: Zephyr Quartet:





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