A couple of more test scenes filmed with the 550D.

We took the camera and some gears out in the forrest and shot some scenes for proof of concept and to try out the camera more. Nothing was preplanned and the shooting took around 3 hours with us walking around finding good places to film.
All scenes was filmed hand-held but with holding a tripod for better support. Only used the Canon 1.4 50mm lens for all scenes. Vfx and color-correction was done in After Effects. Filmed in 23.97 fps with a 1/50s shutterspeed at most times. The slowmotion scenes was filmed in 60 fps.

The last scenes filmed got a bit noise due to the sun was setting and we used a higher ISO. If you dont like looong slowmotion scenes you might want to skip the end part. :)

Music: Thåström – …ingen neråtsång



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